There is a new state-of-the-art collar that can be placed on wild wolves. When one needs to physically examine the wolf, they can send a radio signal to the collar to inject one of two sleeping darts that are attached. This drugs the wolf and causes him to fall to the ground. (Gibson 7)
      You hear fictional stories of wolves such as the one who is after the three little pigs, and you read about wolves in factual books, but when you come fact to face with a live wolf in the wild it is truly an awe-inspiring experience. Two people witnessing two wolves charging at them had that experience; they were there to use the dart collar and tranquilize a male wolf. When the male wolf fell, the female wolf with him was by his side until she spotted humans nearby. She then quickly escaped. (Gibson 7)
      He was a "dispersal" wolf meaning he had left the pack of his birth and was finding his own territory. He had found a mate and may soon be the father of some pups. (Gibson 9)
      This is an article about the wolf, a fierce predator and social animal with determination as a character trait. Wolves are divided into species and subspecies for reasons of skull dimensions, size, and geographical area, but these divisions don't speak to the character of the wolf which can be glimpsed in a story.
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